Looking for Lead Chicks

Each year our event relies on the time of volunteers; Lead Chicks are a key part of our programming and we are looking for 10+ women volunteers. So before you sign up, we’re sure you have some questions.

Q. What is a Lead Chick?

A. A Lead Chick is assigned to one group of 5-10 girls for the day (11-4). You’ll be in charge of gathering your girls between registration and the keynote speaker/opening. We hope that you’ll engage your girls, do some ice breakers and start to get them comfortable with you and their group. You’ll be in charge of getting them from one session to another, while encouraging them to try new things. We also ask that you stay until all of your girls have been picked up at the end of the event.

Q. How much time will this require?

A. Being a Lead Chick requires about 8 hours of your time, 2 for our pre-event meeting and 6 the day of the event. We ask that you show up to Miller Community Center around 9:30-10am.

Q. Ice breakers?! I don’t know any.

A. We’ll talk all about that at our pre-event meeting, tentatively scheduled the Wednesday before the event around 7pm.

Q. Do I have to participate in the sessions?

A. Mary & I have both been Lead Chicks, we find it to be a lot of fun to show the girls that you are excited and willing to take risks too. We encourage your participation, but do not require it.

Q. Who should I talk to about signing up to be a Lead Chick?

A. You should shoot us an email at chicksplayhard@gmail.com or call Ann DeOtte at 206.910.2011.

We hope to hear from you!

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