Chicks Play Hard is a free event taking place October 24 from 11am-4pm, at the Miller Community Center on Capitol Hill. It is a day full of music, art, sports & exploration!

Chicks is aimed at girls ages 9 to 13, and was created by Anna Collins, now an executive at Microsoft.  The purpose of the event is to empower young girls, get them interested in an activity at a time in their lives when they become more self-conscious about things like body image and also just to have some fun.

This will be the 8th year for Chicks Play Hard and in these economic times, the event remains FREE for participants and completely volunteer led.

How it Works:

While we will offer and do encourage pre-registration for participants, our event starts with registration and sign in. This is when girls will be placed in their groups and given their sessions. Groups consist of 6-10 girls and are led by a Lead Chick. The Lead Chick stays with that group through the entire day; from the Opening Event, through their set sessions, snack time, and into the Closing. Being a Lead Chick is a great opportunity to mentor and encourage young girls as they try new things and make new friends. Each session, ranging from Double Dutch to Skateboarding, is led by high school or early college girls. These girls are mentored by adult women that help run the sessions as well. Each session runs approximately 50 minutes. We finish the day with a closing and opportunity for girls to reflect on their day.

For More Information:

Please contact the organizers by email, chicksplayhard@gmail.com or feel free to find us on facebook.

You can also read The Seattle Times article from the 2008 event here.